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Special gift Set

Coenzyme Q10 Plus Body Care Set
300ml body cleanser + 300ml body lotion + 30ml body cleanser
Now at $19.90
Mesonie Hair Set
300ml hair shampoo + 300ml hair rinse + 30ml hair shampoo
Now at $19.90
Paru Plu Body Scrub 200g + free orange & apple body shower 120g
Now at $19.90
- Feel the change of your skin with Coenzyme Q10 Plus! Coenzyme Q10, which acts as an energy source for skin, has an anti-aging effect abd liftipower as a unique firming agent strengthen elasticity with double firming effect. - Intensive treatment for damaged using Silicon technology - Silicon emulsion technology & compsition moisturize nourish hair cuticle, leaving hair soft, shiny & vibrant.

- Repairing damaged hair - Positive Ion Polymer ingredients strengthen & smooth the hair cuticle, giving it shine & brilliance.

- Moisturizing Effect - Inulin ingredient from Chicory root repairs damaged & dry hair, restoring moisture & strength
Paru body scrub eliminate body keratin from head to toe
Massage your skin with thousands of fine natural nutshell particles. Plu Scrub makes your skin soft, while eliminating the dirt & keratin of your skin for smoother circulation. After using Plu Scrub, your body essence & cream will be able to absorb deeper intro your skin to enhance moisture & the texture of your skin. Keratin is hardened, thin layer that covers the external skin area, made mostly in dead cells. When the keratin stays in your skin too long, it will prevent the smooth supply of nutrition & moisture from absorbing into your skin, thereby turning your skin dry & blistery. Regular treatment of old keratin is the first step to maintain healthy & soft skin.
Coenzyme Q10 Body Shower Set
Now at $19.90
Somang Green Tea Herb Body Set
Now at $19.90

Latest New Products on the BLOG

Lock Hair Hair Shampoo 480ml
Now at $16.00
Key Hair Mask 480ml
Now at $16.00
Volume Hair Wax
Q10 Volume Hair Wax 150ml
Now at $10.10
Repairing & Restructuring
- Our daily shampoo formula with keratin helps repair damaged hair by chemical processs, heat styling & environmental exposure. Silk protein, Pro vitamin B5 & Cooper Peptide help strenthen damaged hair.

Professional Advice
- Apply a suitable amount ovr the hair & make enough bubble. Massage gently with finger then rinse off thoroughly.
Repairing & Restructuring
- Our daily mask formula with silk protein & keratin helps repair & re-moisturize damaged hair - infusing it anew with healthy movement, silkiness & shine. Formula blends Cooper Peptide, Pro vitamin B5 & Silk Protein help strengthen the hair & smooth the hair cuticle.

Professional Advice
- After shampooing apply a suitable amount over the whole hair & massage gently. Rinse off thoroughly.
- Use small amount on hair wherever it needs hold & separation.
Body Lotion - Apple Mint 400ml
Now at $16.00
Milk foam cleansing 200ml
Now at $16.00
Milk Body shower 750ml
Now at $16.00
- Apple extracts and botanical vitamin extracts keep skin soft & moist.

- Apple green frangance delivers a refreshing & cool fragance that helps with revitalization of relaxing of the body and soul.
- milk hydrates, moisturizes & soothes skin. - Milk hydrates, moisturizes & soothes skin, the rich, gentle lather cleanes skin impurties & leaves behind a light fragrance.
Lavender herb tea body shower 750ml
Now at $16.00
Rose Veil body shower 750ml
Now at $16.00
Green Herb Body shower 750ml
Now at $16.00
- It is a neutral surfactant type body shower that eliminate any skin irritations and prevent dryness to present maximum resilience & smoothness. - Rose Pink body cleanser lets you feel the elegant & romantic aroma of Bulgarian roses & Moroccan roses.
- Bulgarian roses & Moroccan roses calm down the whole body & relax the feelings.
- Rose water soothes the tired skin & rosemary extract brings you smoother skin.
It brings you the freshness of green and vitality of herb. Herbal extracts & vegetable vitamin extracts supply freshness of moisture for skin. Green herb aroma awakes & refreshes the whole body during a shower with its natural freshness.

Coenzyme Q10 Series - discount price

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Coenzyme Q10
Foam Cleansing 200ml
Now at $16.90
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Coenzyme Q10
Hand Cream 100ml
Now at $7.60
- Delicate & rich foaming cleanser gently cleans skin while Coenzyme Q10 component gives moisture & elasticity. Good for oily skin. - Coenzyme Q10 & Apple Enzymes moisturize & firm skin.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Coenzyme Q10
Intensive Mask Set 150ml
Now at $31.30
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Coenzyme Q10
Face Cream 50ml
Now at $33.90
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Coenzyme Q10
Mask Sheet (5pcs)
Now at $16.90
- Double action of Coenzyme Q10 resilient constituent within skin & deep water bestows skin tension, liveliness & resilience. - Coenzyme Q10 is absorbed deep into the dry tired skin to maintain its firmness & the deep water arranges the skin to be lively by supplying ample moisture.
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Coenzyme Q10
Essence 50ml
Now at $35.60
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Coenzyme Q10
Face Lotion 140ml
Now at $31.40
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Coenzyme Q10
Skin Toner 140ml
Now at $28.80
- Coenzyme Q10 is absorbed deep into the dry tired skin to help the activities with skin to speed up making it firmer & the deep sea water makes the inner skin moist & skin surface glossy - Help the activities within skin to speed up, making it firmer & the deep water arranges dry & crispy skin to become soft & moist. Coenzyme Q10, the resilient constituent inside the skin, helps the ativities within skin to speed up, making water arranges dry & crispy skin to become soft & moist.
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New Arrival
Coenzyme Q10 Set
Now at $29.90
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Coenzyme Q10
Body Lotion 400ml
Now at $12.65
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Coenzyme Q10
Body Shower 750ml
Now at $10.90
There are 6 items on inside the set:
- Coenzyme Q10 Skin Shower 60ml
- Face Lotion 30ml
- Skin (toner) 30ml
- Essence 10ml
- Eye Cream 10ml
- Face Cream 10ml
The bottle can be recycled too. This all in one pack will be good for you to test out almost all Coenzyme Q10 's products.
- This body lotion quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft moistured & refreshed. It leaves your skin silky smooth & lightly fragranced with the energizing scent of flower. - Make a splash with Coenzyme Q10 with botanical applenzyme, this body shower lathers up in the bath or shower to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh & subtly scented.

Somang: Keratin Series - 15% discount

Somang Keratin Coating Essence 100ml
Now at $16.90
Somang Keratin Hair Pack 1000 ml
Now at $21.90
Somang Keratin Hair Spray 300ml
Now at $7.50
- In meticulous coating effect & speedy absorption makes your hair more bright & shiny - You can expect to prevent dandruff and provide vividly died colors with natural protein & coating effect due to a complex of silicon. - Sustainable setting power that can last all day without sticky feeling.
Somang Keratin Hair Wax 150ml
Now at $10.20
Somang Keratin Hair mousse 300ml
Now at $7.50
Somang Keratin Hair Aqua Essence 250ml
Now at $10.20
- For coloured treated hair with Keratin Protein which repairs the damage cuticle layer to provide both the styling & nourishing effect to the hair. - Silky hair with keratin protein that supplies moisture and nutrition necessary to build a smooth, silky hair for healthy and shiny hair. This product also helps to restore hair from dryness and puffiness to maintain a healthy looking hair.

M-Cerade Hair product - 15% discount off original price

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Hydrating Hair Pack 150ml
Now at $10.10
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Aqua Shining Force 160ml
Now at $16.00
- It helps to replenish misture & repair damaged hair. Specially formulated for chemical treated hair. Provide moisturizing efforts to hair cuticle & scalp & prevent dandruff with a refreshing feeling. - It is made up of air-silicone that acts as a protective layer to prevent hair being damaged external factors.
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Color Fixer 290ml
Now at $13.50
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Watery Hair Wax 150ml
Now at $12.70
- Ideal for weak coloured hair caused by frequent hair colouring & bleaching. Provide nutrients & moisture into hair to prolong hair colour while it strengthens & repairs damaged hair . Controls the PH balance of the hair with positive iron silicon coating effect. - Soft type water hair wax provides nutrients & moisture to hair while styling. Contain lanolin oil which enhances smoothness & strengthening glossy effect to hair. Giving hair elasticity & feels silky smooth without any sticky feeling.


Q10 Volume UP Shampoo

Coenzyme Q10 Whitening Suncream 3 in 1

Color Lotion For Woman

Henna Hair Shampoo

Henna Hair Coating Essence

Henna Water Essence

Somang Keratin Hair Shampoo

Color lotion For Men

Essor Aqua Lotion

Essor Aqua skin (toner)

Damage Protection

Q10 Volume Hair Coating Essence 120ml

Q10 Volume UP Rinse 720ml

Q10 Volume Hair Water Essence

Q10 Volume Hair Spray Super Hard 300ml

Body Lotion - Green Herb 400ml

Body Lotion - Rose VeilRosemary Mint body shower 750ml

Q10 cleansing oil 280ml

Milk body essential cream

Coenzyme Q10 body butter

Coenzyme Q10 Cleansing Cream 200ml

Coenzyme Q10 Cleansing Tissue 120 sheets

Q10 eye cream

Henna Hair Spray

M-cerade Moisturizer

Friday, June 6, 2008

Product Reviews

Hydrating Hair pack - An immediate effect of softness after i rinse it off . A small amount is enough for a long hair. It is recommended for coloured permed hair.Hair not so fizzy after use.

Damage Protection - Personally feel not as oily as the henna coating essence.

Watery wax - It gives my permed hair a wet look that last for 1/2 day.

Coenzyme Q10
Handcream - I use it when i am in the air-con room, a normal handcream.

Cleansing Water - Give me a refreshing feel to my face after I had use it to remove my make-up

Sheetmask - Refreshing especially when after putting the sheet mask in the fridge before use.

Body Shower - About 10-cent size amount is enough to clean up my body. Not much foam but nice fragrance.

Shampoo - nice smell, suitable for all hair types.

Treatment - Feel very soft after it. Need to leave on the hair for 4-5 min before rinse it off. Suitable for all type of hair

Rinse - Feel soft too. The result is not as good as the treatment. Can rinse it off after apply to the hair. No advisable to touch the scalp.

Coating Essence - Only for hair end. Feel oily when I feel it. But the result is good after apply to the hair. No really suitable for permed hair.

Water Essence - Spray all over my hair to give it a glossy look and replenish water to my hair.

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Thank you for your time and help.. I am looking forward to have good news from you.
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